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Visiting Family/Friends Visa to Netherlands – Interview Tips (Part 2)

February 16, 2017

(Updated 1/27/2017)                      


As I promised, I am here to write about my interview experience last January 25, 2017. But before I continue, I also want to share with you that I stayed in Amax Inn during my 3 days and 2 nights visit in Makati City (along Pio del Pilar St). The hotel staff were friendly and I like the location being near to commercial           establishments. And it only costs Php70.00 for the taxi going to the embassy.

So, are you ready to hear my interview experience now? hehehe


I got sick the day before my interview, and so I was not able to print out the reservation ticket (plane) forwarded to me by my bf that night. Luckily, I was able to drop by to an internet cafe for the print out before going to the Embassy.

By the way, the embassy is located at the 26th Floor of the building. Be sure to be there before your assigned schedule and ask the guard for a priority number. You will also be advice to turn off your mobile phone before entering the room. Just wear something that makes you feel confident about yourself.

Note: You have to show up at the embassy in person even if you have applied in a travel agency, because a biometric will be collected using a quick, discreet and non-intrusive process that includes a photo scan and a 10-digit fingerprint capture with a finger print scanner from the applicant.

I arrived 40 minutes earlier before my time of appointment at the Embassy, because I believe that being an early bird will make me feel more relaxed and calm. It’s nice also to talk to other applicants regarding their experiences especially for the first timer like me.  The room is a small circular room with 3 counselors sitting behind the glass (windows 1-3). Around 10:30 am, my turn came up and I was assigned at the window 1 (priority number seen at tv screen above). My interview lasted for like 20 minutes I think, if I was not mistaken. It’s like the interviewer is trying to squeeze out how much I know my documents, most specifically on the dates. So as much as possible, familiarize the content of your documents so even if how many times they ask you questions you can still manage to answer. And take note, there are questions that they repeatedly asked from me. Maybe because they are trying to find out the consistency of my answers. Aside from the questions in the documents, you will also be asked some personal questions, like your relationship to the host and so on.

Please just focus only to what is being asked on the Visa Requirement Checklist. Like for me, I bring other documents which I thought would be needed but they just returned it to me. Well, I would still advice you to bring documents as many as you can but just put it on a separate envelope just in case they will ask for some proof.

To all the readers, do not forget to bring with you the receipt of the service fee you paid at the Unionbank. This is the only problem I encountered during my appointment, because the interviewer asked me to submit the original copy of the receipt along with the other documents. I left it in the province so I tried to call the VFS Global Office and was advice to send it to them through a courier with a letter attached to it.

I don’t know how to feel about my interview, as in really blank (hehehe, finger crossed sabi nga nila!) But, I know that I answered the questions truthfully and with all honesty. I don’t wanna expect things now but I am hoping for a positive result within 15 days (legal processing time of the visa).


P.S.  – After the interview, I decided to visit the chapel at the Greenbelt. And maybe because I was unsure with what I feel the moment I finished the interview, dropping by at the chapel helps me think things positively. It’s just a 10-15 minutes walk from the embassy.
I will update you all whatever the result may be in the next few days. For more info, kindly check their service provider (VFS Global) here in the Philippines.  

For the result of my visa, please read Visiting Family/Friends Visa to Netherlands – Result (Part 3). Follow the link here.

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    1. yes i think so too..hehe..Filipino consul are a bit intimidating..haha..ohh by the way, they said theres no interview now because all documents are being verified directly at the VFS.. Sure i will take time to read yours too

      1. Oh! That’s kinda stressful. Then people will not have the chance to reason out or defend themselves if they found out a inaccuracy with the documents. :O Aiai!

    1. My partner write a motivational letter (in Dutch and signed by him) stating every reason that I will really go back to the Philippines on the date stated on my application form. Attached also a picture of you together and with your family if there is. Hopes this answers your question!

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