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Visiting Family/Friends Visa to Netherlands – Result (Part 3)

February 16, 2017

Continuation of Visiting Family/Friends Visa to Netherlands – Part 1 and Visiting Family/Friends Visa to Netherlands – Part 2

Updated: February 16, 2017

This is the moment everyone is waiting for! After my interview at the Netherlands Embassy, I can really say that it is not easy waiting for something you really don’t know. There were times when I really can’t focus at all with my dutch lesson because I was worried and at the same time wanted to have a positive outlook on it. And I hope as you continue reading with the last part of my blog, you somehow get some information that will help you in your visa application.

If you read the “Part 2” of this blog, you will know that I’m not really that confident about the result of my visa application. First of all, it is my first time to travel abroad. So some would say there is a low possibility that I will be granted to travel Europe. Second, I’m having doubts also with myself if I can do it because there’s this one requirement on the Checklist that asked for a proof that the applicant will return to his own country, such as (1) An employment contract – I don’t have this because we both decided to leave my work in order for me to focus with my study on Dutch. (2) A document proving that you are in education or training – before we met, yes I enrolled for an earning units (1 year) and attended classes every weekend, but when I met him and we both decided to make this relationship more serious and that includes living together in Netherlands, everything has changed. So again, I don’t have this too. (3) A document proving your children attend school in your country of origin – I’m single, never been married and don’t have kids and the last one is (4) A document proving you have a home or other immovable property – same answer as above (hehehe).

But despite with all of this doubts, we still pursue to apply for the Visa. I submitted all the required documents and arranged in accordance with the checklist. By the way, you don’t have to staple your passport picture to the Schengen Form as I was advice to detach it.

To continue with my story, a day after my interview, I received an email from Embassy informing me that my documents has been forwarded to the Netherlands Regional Support Office – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).  You can also check your status here with the tracking ID number they provided. I patiently waited for an email from the embassy from January 26 – February 7, 2017. Yes, in a span of 9 days, I have now the result of my visa application. But the funny is I don’t know if they grant it or not and that I still have to wait again for another 2-5 days from 2GO courier since I’m from the province of Samar. I never been this nervous before but all we can do is just “wait”.

February 12, 2017 is the 5th day already but still I haven’t received yet any package from the embassy. I even called 2GO office but still unlucky to find my name on the list so I became so nervous and is really eager to know about the result. We were even thinking maybe they will give it to me on Valentines Day which happens to be my birthday also (hehehe).

On February 13, 2017 I decided to call 2GO again and I was glad that my package was there. They instructed me to pick it up personally and I immediately went to their office. I’ve waited for my boyfriend to be online because we both decided to open the package together. It was really the most exciting moment for the two of us. We are both nervous about it and he even told me that if it will be denied, then we should reapply for it immediately. But it turned out to be the most memorable and the best birthday present to me ever. After all the waiting and the sacrifices, here comes MY VISA, yeheeeyyy!!!


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  1. Hi Sis,

    I want to thank you for your vlog that inspire me also gave me confident for applying visit family/friends Visa.
    I am happy to inform you that I got my visa approved in 7 days. Yes mga Sis I apply Oct. 27 then got my visa delivered Nov. 3, 2017.
    I was inpired by your blog how smooth it was, and i was hoping and praying to have the same process as you. All you need to do is to Do what’s in their checklist, gather document as many as you can to prove that you are coming back. And print out some pictures of you and your bf together.
    Thank you Sis Val sa walang sawang pag sagot sa lahat ng question ko in facebook. Hopefully magkita tayo sa
    NL by January 2018.
    I am flying this Dec. to see my future husband.
    Thank you Sis muah 😉

  2. Finally! I found a blog that answers most of my questions. Thank you very much for creating this wonderful blog. I have one question though, did you prepare your bank documents as well when you applied po?

    1. Hi! Thanks for appreciating my blog!..Topics here are mainly about my own experience and confusement before and after my application, so basically it also applies to others who are trying the same path as I am…hehe…regarding your question, I didnt prepare for a bank document since I resigned before I process my visa…hehe (baka mabuking lng puro withdrawals at paubos na ang laman..haha)..If you process for a “tourist visa” it is needed. But since I process a “visiting family/friends visa”, what is important here is the capacity of the sponsor to support your stay in the Netherlands (list of requirements you can read on the blog or simply visit the vfs site).

  3. Hi!

    Just wanna say I got my visa today!
    I plan to go to the Netherlands next month. I got multiple entry. I don’t get so much what multiple entry means?
    I will stay for 90 days for sure, but for example, if I wanna extend my stay in Holland, can I do it while I’m there? Or I really need to come back sa Pinas?

    Thanks for all your help. Such a nice blog, we all share the same goals.

    1. wow congrats! stress free ka na ngayon..hehe..I remember you were doubtful pa nga before..and wow multiple entry that’s nice…it means puede ka mgpabalik balik sa Holland but make sure na 90 days parin ung total ng stay mo :)…I’m happy for you talaga!

      I suggest na bumalik ka ng Pinas as what it is stated sa pinasa mong document to avoid problem in the future…

      Just help me extend my blog sa friends mo na going to Holland with the same situation as we have. It’s a nice feeling to share my ideas and experiences with them 🙂

      1. Hi!
        So I originally submitted my application with departure from manila on July 20, and departure from Amsterdam on Oct. 10, I originally applied for 82 days. But now I got my Visa, I changed my flight and I will leave Manila on July 19, arrive Holland on July 20. Then leave Holland Oct. 17, arrive back in Philippines on Oct. 18. So I intend to stay 90 days sa Holland. Sinulit ko na.
        So ok lang kaya to? When I pass by the passport control
        Sa airport, will they still check my documents? Like copy of my visa application form? Or medical insurance? Naka-state naman as insurance ko that it will start July 20, and will be valid for 3 months.
        What do you think?

    2. Hi jessie,
      Im glad at ok n visa mo..ask ko lng ng mag departure ka ng apply ka paba ng CFO o ung passport w/ visa mna lng at ticket ginamit mo.ano mga tiningnan nila sa immigration..hope to hear from you soon!
      Thanks!! Andyrose

  4. Hi. Just wanna share I submitted my documents to VFS Makati on June 13, and it was fast, just 30 minutes and I was done. There’s no interview, they just make sure my documents were complete, I kinda hope I had interview though, he he. Hanna was so helpful to say about the cover letter, which I did. I stated there my purpose of visit, included my reason to coming back in the Philippines, and proof of relationship with my girlfriend.
    I hope everything goes well. Maybe next week I will know the result.
    Thank you for your blog, it’s so helpful.

    1. Hi Vanessa! Thanks for the updates. Yes one of the reader told me that its much easier now because all transaction is being handled by VFS Global and it really depends to them. Just make sure all documents are complete. Goodluck and hope everything goes well! Just be positive.
      Keep in touch sis if you got the result because just like you I’m so excited too..hehe

  5. Did you also have to provide itinerary on what you’re gonna do? Because 2 and a half months is long and we’re not really sure what we can do exactly during my stay there. We plan to travel to Paris and Berlin, but no exact dates, and not sure if it can happen.

    1. I didn’t provide an itinerary kc i just stayed in his house and we don’t really plan our trip to other places (depends on our mood kung feel namin mamasyal..hehe) so i think we are the same with that.

  6. Hi.
    This is a really nice blog. It helps me to be more positive with my visa application to go to holland.
    I’m a Filipina, and I have dutch gf. We have so much proof of relationship, like traveling together to Thailand, Laos, and living together here in Philippines.
    I have some questions that I hope you can answer.
    We’ve been together for a year now. The person who will send me invitation and sponsorship, is her mom, I’ve never met her yet, but she can send birth cert. of my gf as well. Can they just send these documents through email? Scan is enough? And I can print here in the Philippines.
    Does the invitation letter needs to be in Dutch? And address to Dutch embassy in Manila? Do they have to go to embassy in Holland to arrange the papers? Or they can send everything to me directly?
    I have job during season as a diver, and July to September is off season, so this is the time I plan my visit. So around june is my plan to set appointment.
    I dont have much money in my bank, do they also need to show bank cert. even if I have my sponsor?
    Which documents did you bring that was not needed?
    I hope to hear from you. Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Jessie. Please click the checklist on the part 1 of this blog. On Family/Friends Visit Visa, it’s the ability of the sponsor ang tinitingnan nila. So kindly complete the requirements lang on the checklist.

      Thanks and goodluck!

      1. Hi simplylav, thanks for responding. However, I’m still not sure if they send me their douments through email, scanned copy, andi print here in the Philippines, will it be enough? Or they have to send the invitation letter, their financial statements, payslips, birth certificate, legalized residency, thru post? Because it’s my gf mom who will invite me, so I need her birth cert. as well.

        1. As to my experience, scanned copy only. We submit a “proof of sponsorship/private accomodation” issued at the townhall (i think this is what u refer as an invitation letter), employment contract, salary slip for 3 months (recent)..

  7. hi mam ask qlng i applied for caribbean visa last may 8 until now wala pdin result i was advice tru text na nasa malaysia n sya right after nung interview q nung 8..more than 15days n kc is it a bad thing na matagal??ty

  8. Hi sorry sa late reply. The embassy will advice you na reserved ticket lang muna ung kunin mo. Si bf ngpareserved. Sa Emirates na airline sya ngpareserved but within 48 hours lng ata validity nun but free sya, so ngpareserve sya a day before ng appointment ko sa embassy. Tapos ung sa insurance naman dito din sa NL (, tapos nung mareceive na nmin ung result ng visa tinawagan na namin sila to change for the final date.

  9. Hi simplylav84,its me andyrose.. Thank you for sharing your experience on how to process a visa especially to Netherlands is a big help for someone like me who is first timer too.. Hope dika makulitan sa mga question especially sa mga new likee ..hehe

    1. Don’t hesitate to ask question sis.. One of the reason why I created this blog is to share my ideas based on my experience especially sa mga nag-stop ng work like me. I’ve been looking for the same blog kasi dati and even ask them if malaki ba chance ko na ma-approve kasi nga wala akong work but majority says medyo maliit daw ang chance. But here I am now sis..and ikaw na susunod 🙂

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