A Day in Rotterdam

April 13, 2017

It was a beautiful sunny day when we decided to visit the 2nd largest city of Netherlands, the Rotterdam. From our place in Breda, we travel by a bicycle to Breda Central Station. It was more or less 30 minutes travel by train from Breda to Rotterdam. You can see some of the beautiful parts of the places of Netherlands in a span of 30 minutes and it is really a wonderful experience for me.

Rotterdam Central Station

We stayed in an Airbnb for a night. I like the location of the  place we rented because it is just in a center of Rotterdam and I think it is one of the practical idea for a traveler.

In the busy city of Rotterdam
Ride a Ferris Wheel and feel free like a child 🙂
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explore the ceiling paintings at Markthal Rotterdam

As a tourist of the City, it’s nice to see new views and different establishment of the place. We just let our own feet bring us to places where we think is a good spot for us to enjoy. And I also believe that it’s the best way of bonding with your family, friends, or partners because it is the opportunity to share great thoughts with each other.

a great way to relax is through walking

If you are tired of walking and exploring the city, why not try visiting the museum? Being in this country for almost 2 months, my partner and I loved visiting museums. I enjoy the experience because it imparts knowledge to us about the civilization of the past.  It also provide a unique interactive experience of getting up close to things we usually see in books or television. In other words, it’s a part of us, that makes us who we are now because of so called HISTORY.


And to give details of the Museums that we visited, please follow this links: Wereldmuseum Rotterdam and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

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  1. We went to some relatives in Rotterdam and stayed for 2 nights when we went to The Hague to get a Philippine Visa. I wasn’t able to explore that much but the 2 Museum you went look interesting! I would love to see the World Museum! Though we spent some time walking at the Erasmus Bridge and roaming around the vicinity, I think it is still worth to go back. Thanks for sharing! 😀

    1. Thanks for reading my blog too.. Netherlands has so many museums to offer. I loved those 2 museums in Rotterdam as well as the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam (wasnt able to take pics because cp was drained that time..hehe)

      1. Nice! I was able to visit that place too! 😀 It’s so nice to learn about the history of the Netherlands, the marine wars facinated me a lot. When we came home, we eventually watch the true to life movie “Michiel de Ruyter”. Have you seen it? I highly recommend that film! 😀

  2. Rotterdam its a very nice city, I did not have the opportunity so far to visit it. but in the summer I will visit the Netherlands with my lovely wife 🙂 we intend to visit Rotterdam also 🙂

    An amazing post you did congratulations!

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