Missing Breda

May 24, 2017

It was winter season when I first came to see the beauty of Holland. February 24, 2017, of all the people standing in the waiting area of the airport with different races and different skin colors, I still managed to look for my partner in just a second. And until now, I could still recall every moment of happiness we’ve shared on that day, that only the airport in Schiphol could witness it all.

An hour of travel from Amsterdam to Breda gives me an idea how this country differs a lot from my own country which is the Philippines. Well, aside from the weather and people, what really amazed me are those old building structures and designs that they preserved up to this time. They have Museums everywhere too. And with this, I could say that they are a country that really gives value of their history and cultures.

Remembering the days on my first week in Breda, it was really a big adjustment for me. The weather, the food, the environment, the quiteness of the place, the people and most specially their language. Yes, you heard it right, it’s not that easy. But with the help and support of your partner, everything will be as smoothly as you wanted it to be.

And now that I am back in the Philippines after more than 2 months of vacation, I am missing Breda. I am missing the house, my bicycle, my partners family whom we sometimes visit, the library where I used to meet my language coach every monday, Taalbus ( that also gives lesson every thursday, ┬ámy garden (that i also gives so much effort..hehe), the kitchen where i used to cook Filipino foods, the river and forest, and most specially my number one fan of this blog, my Dutch teacher and very supportive partner in crime (hehehe…don’t smile too much love).

Breda has been a part of my life and will be in the future. I will be there soon and can’t wait for that day to come!

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