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My Civic Integration Exam Journey in Manila

May 25, 2017

Those¬†who plans to live in the Netherlands with their partner are the one who can relate with this topic. Living in another country for good is really a big move and a hard decision to make. But if it’s within your freewill, then everything will be fine. I remember the time when we decided to make our relationship more serious, we discussed all scenarious about visa processing and that includes taking the civic integration exam. So we decided to process for my short term visa to Netherlands. And with this, I was able to witness the Dutch society, the people and the culture in actual. It also gives me the opportunity to study the language and to interact with them.

It was on the month of April where we discussed and finalized the date when I should take the exam in Manila and that was on May 16, 2017. So on the first week of the said month, my partner made an online payment for the 3 sets of exam (KNS, reading and speaking). And finally we got the confirmation receipt on April 20, 2017. It takes longer than normal due to the observance of the Holy Week.

The last few weeks of my stay in Netherlands makes me feel a bit nervous and pressured due to the examination. But the good thing is when someone believes in you and has a positive outlook in life, it helps you feel at ease. I thank my beloved partner with this. Also you should do your part and be serious on your study.

May 16, 2017 came and it’s good that I feel calm at that time going to the Netherlands Embassy. I bring with me the printed copy of the confirmation receipt as well as my passport. I was assisted by a Dutch woman who gives me all the necessary instructions about the exam. It started with the Speaking, followed by Reading, and then the last part which I think the easiest set of the exam for me, the Knowledge of the Dutch Society. I keep myself calm during the exam because it might affect my performance, and a prayer before taking the exam also helped.

One of the satisfying moment was when I finished answering all the questions of the exam. I was then advised to wait for the result within 2 Р8 weeks. Though I could say that I am not sure if all of my answer were correct, I still feel positive about it. Goodluck for all of us who took the exam!

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