Father’s Day

June 18, 2017

Since it is June 18, 2017, this is the best opportunity to greet all the fathers in the world. Because of them, we exists. We’ve seen how wonderful the world is and we were able to get the chance to love and to be loved.

They said that Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers, celebrating fatherhood, and also to recognize the contributions they make for their children. But as a child that has been raised by one of the best father in the world, I will definitely show to my father everyday, in everything I could that I am thankful as a daughter.

Show to them the love that they deserve. I have created some list that would possibly help you if you think of giving them something for this special day:

  • Greeting Cards – a ready made card/ecard that you think has the best message on it, or you can customize your own card if you are good at it.
  • Give them a call or a text  – letting them hear your voice or simply reading your message to them especially when you are far away will definitely make them happy.
  • Treat them to a restaurant – have a bonding together with your mom. That will make them feel complete.
  • Treat them to a concert/movie – this will make them remember their past dates when they were young.
  • Give them time – If they are old enough and have already experienced all the things in the world, this is the best gift for them.

These may not be complete but considered as a practical and important tips at all times. And always remember, we do not need an occassion to celebrate love, it is simply an everyday cycle of sharing and giving love to one another.


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