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Inburgering Examen Result

June 24, 2017

Confused of the term “Inburgering Examen/Civic Integration Exam”?

Every country has their own policy when it comes to migration. Like in Netherlands, any immigrant is required to be able to integrate into their society not only by learning about their country and culture but their language as well. Also, if you wish to live with your spouse or partner, reunite with your family or study, you need a residence visa, and certain conditions may apply and one of which is passing the Civic Integration Exam/Inburgering Examen abroad.

Any idea of the Exam?

There are three (3) parts of exams:

  • Spreekvaardigheid (Speaking)
  • Leesvaardigheid (Reading)
  • Kennis van de Nederlandse Samenleving (Dutch Culture).

Spreekvaardigheid (Speaking) –  30 minutes will be given to the examinee to answer the questions. This exam allows the DUO to evaluate how well you understand questions and if you are able to answer them in Dutch. Simple questions only but can be tricky. Listen carefully and answer in a simple dutch word you know.

Leesvaardigheid (Reading) – is an exam that lasts for 35 minutes. This exam focuses more on your listening and analytical skills. The tricky side of this is the long reading comprehension that has a couple of questions from the paragraph.

Kennis van de Nederlandse Samenleving (Dutch Culture) – is an exam that evaluates how well you know the Dutch Culture. This exam takes approximately 30 minutes. I could say that this is the easiest among the three parts.

I got my exam results yesterday, June 23, 2017, about 5 weeks after I took the exam. I received a message in an early morning from a friend who also took the exam 1 week after I took mine. I was happy of course for her but at the same time frustrated because I thought I have not received mine yet upon checking it the night before. So when I got the chance to look for my email, it was amazing. I passed the Inburgering Examen too!

  • Spreekvaardigheid (Speaking) = 10
  • Leesvaardigheid (Reading) = 9
  • Kennis van de Nederlandse Samenleving (Knowledge of Dutch Society) = 10

You need a 6 to pass. Full marks is 10.

Very surprising indeed!! During my vacation in Netherlands, I always make it a point to give time on dutch lessons. I’m lucky to have a supportive partner who even posted dutch words/grammar at the kitchen (sounds funny but true), to my Taalbus coach Mr Henk Schreff, and Ms Khadija whom I always met at the library for some dutch lesson once a week, and to Filipino friends in Netherlands who didn’t hesitate to give important tips about the exam, thank you very much.

The inburgering exam won’t be as difficult as real life situations, but if you’re a step ahead, it will definitely prepare you!


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  1. Hi congrats in your exam result and mvv application. I just took my exam last oct. 9 at dutch embassy makati. Hopefully everything goes well with my exam result as well as the waiting period. I just read that your exam result release after 5 weeks. Mine, i’m waiting now for my exam result and i’m excited too.

  2. Hi. Congrats with your exam result. For sure I will also do the same after my visit to Holland. Well, what happens next for you? What’s your next step after this?
    Do you think, it’s OK for me and my partner to get married during my first visit to Holland?
    And I was also researching, I would really have to come back here sa Pinas before my visa expires.
    Wala na rin kase ako motivation magstay dito, since ang gusto ko talaga eh makasama young partner ko.
    How long more before you can go back to Holland? And how long ba and validity ng long term visa or MVV?

    1. We are now processing for an MVV visa. You need to go back to your country of origin. Follow their policy or else u will have a problem in the future. On the first place, whether u get married first or not u still need to pass the inburgering exam. Don’t rush things baka sa kamamadali mas lalo pang matagalan. Patience is important when u love each other. Goodluck sis!

      1. Yeah, you’re right. Thanks for the advise. I look forward for your new blog about your MVV process and result.
        Thanks a lot for your help.

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