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MVV Requirements

July 4, 2017

Before we discuss the MVV process,  let’s have first an overview of what we call as temporary residence permit or MVV. Once you wish to live in the Netherlands with your spouse or partner, you need a residence permit. If your partner is Dutch Citizen or has a permanent residence permit, your residence permit is then valid for 5 years.

I assume, that when you reach this stage of collecting and completing all requirements in preparation for an MVV, you’ve already passed the Inburgering Examen or what we call as Civic Integration Exam. At this point of time, a teamwork is really needed. Be a perfectionist if necessary because the result lies also on the completeness of the documents you are submitting. As what my partner once told me, “this path we have to take is not a test but a way to make our love stronger and deeper”.

In applying for an MVV, there is what we call as a “general conditions” that applies to everyone and an “additional conditions on which you and your partner have to meet.

General Conditions:

  • A valid passport
  • You sign an antecedents certificate. This provide information on your criminal record.
  • You will undergo a medical test for tuberculosis (TB) within 3 months after having received your residence permit.


Additional Conditions:

  • (1) You are married to each other or have entered into a registered partnership; or (2) you are unmarried and have a long term and exclusive relationship with each other.
  • Your partner is a dutch citizen.
  • You are both 21 years or older.
  • You have passed the Civic Integration Examination abroad.
  • Your partner must have a sufficient independent long-term income.
  • You are going to live with your partner and will register at the same address as your partner.
  • Your partner declare that he/she is your sponsor.


Done with the requirements mentioned above? Then the next step is the application procedures:

  • Submit Application and payment – the application cost is € 237.
  • Receipt and check application – your partner will get a confirmation letter from Ind once they have received your application. A decision from the Ind will vary as to what type of residence application you applied. But on my case, a statutory decision period of 90 days may apply.
  • Decision – an applicant may encounter a negative or a positive decision from the Ind within 90 days.
  • Collect MVV –  if the one who applied for the MVV is your partner, you have to visit the Netherlands embassy in Makati personally once approved,  because you have to submit documents that they will ask from you in order to get an MVV sticker from them.
  • Travel to Netherlands – you are now ready to travel to the Netherlands.


It may be stressful preparing all of these stuff at first, but at the end, what matters most is the moment that you and your partner will be together soon. This is still the 4th day of waiting for the MVV result after my partner submitted the documents to Ind on June 30, 2017. Excited but at the same time nervous.

If you need more information about the residence permit Netherlands feel free to contact New Ideas and Experiences. You can also contact the IND or check out the IND website with all the information about residence in the Netherlands.


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    1. Hi te! mean Civic Integration Exam (Imburgering Examen)? This is an exam you have to pass if you applied for a residency in the Netherlands. And like what I’ve said, every country has their own policy, and this, is one of the policy of the Netherlands.

  1. Hi Jessie! im glad you are doing well on your vacation. No updates because i am busy with my remaining days here in the Philippines.. My MVV has been approved already.

    1. Echt? Oh wow, congrats!
      I cant wait to read more from you because your stories are truly inspirational.
      Maybe if you’ll be here by October, we can meet? Or do you have any tips on How I can meet Filipino people here in Amsterdam who got same stories like ours?
      Thanks a lot

  2. Hi!
    Any News about this?
    Im now currently on my 3rd week here in Amsterdam, really nice and I can see myself doing the Same process as what you did.
    If we are unmarried, How long is the long term relationship you’re reffering to that we should have?
    Would you suggest that we enter to a registered partnership Then?

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