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Got My MVV (Long Stay Visa) Now!

August 18, 2017

Hi everyone! If you are following my previous blog, this topic will focus mainly on the last part of my MVV processing experience. From the title itself, “Yes” you are right! I’m very much happy to tell you that I finally got my passport with an MVV sticker on it. And you are lucky because every experience I’ve encountered after my partner submitted the document to IND up to the time I got back my passport with an MVV sticker on it will be documented by me and it is my pleasure to share it to you guys!

A little background about MVV or a Long Stay Visa. For a non-EU nationals like me (Filipino), who wish to enter the Netherlands (Holland) for staying longer than 3 months with a purpose of study, work or living with a partner, this is what we need. It is a sticker, placed in a passport which is a mandatory requirement for requesting a residence permit.  Your sponsor can start the procedures for your MVV applications in the Netherlands. The IND will inform your sponsor about the result of the application and once there is a decision, you can arrange an appointment to present yourself at the embassy.

When my partner submitted all the necessary documents for MVV last June 30, 2017, we didn’t have any choice that time but to wait for the email from the IND. He was then advised to wait until 3 months. It was a long process indeed but I was very positive that time that we can get the result within 5 or 6 weeks because most of my Filipino friends got it within that span of time. While waiting for the result, I already prepare documents in claiming the MVV sticker ahead just to make sure I’m ready to fly to Manila to present myself to the embassy.

July 2017 has ended, but we have not received yet any news regarding our visa. Of course it did not make us feel hopeless because on the first place we are aware of the 3 months waiting period. But we were still hoping at that time because we wanted to be together end of August or at least 1st week of September so I could still experience the end of summer season in Netherlands.

On August 5, 2017, I received a call from my partner about the visa. And we were very happy that it turned out to be a good news from the IND – my application is approved!

Appointment to Collect your MVV Sticker from the Embassy. Once your partner receive an email from the IND informing the result of your application, it also includes the document you will bring to the embassy in claiming the sticker. The following are the process I’ve encountered:

  • Set an appointment online here.
  • Download here – MVV visa application form, complete the details, and take it with you during the appointment.
  • Valid passport (original and photocopy)
  • Dutch passport size photo – click here for the size requirement
  • Photocopy of your partner’s passport
  • Documents you indicate on your application to IND such as Birth Certificate, CENOMAR, CFO certificate, and the Civic Exam Result (Original and photocopy).


Note: You will leave the passport at the embassy for a number of days.


Please complete all of those requirements to avoid inconvenience on your part especially to those who came from the province. After submitting those documents, they will capture your fingerprint and it’s all done! I also appreciate that they let me decide if I wanted to get the passport personally at the embassy or send it through a courier. Of course I chose the latter one to save money, time, and effort in coming back to Manila (hehehe).

So to everyone out there who are still waiting for the good news, just be patient and use your time wisely by either collecting all necessary requirements in advance or spending memorable time with your family or whatever you wanted to do on your remaining days here in the Philippines. Goodluck and have fun!


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  1. hi we’re also preparing my papers now for the mvv and hopefully can mail it later today. i’m very thankful seeing your blog for great guidance throughout the processing. and one important thing that i learned from your post is acquiring the cfo certificate first before the personal apperance (application) at the embassy. more powers to you madam ❤️

    1. Thanks Tessa! Hoping for a positive result on your MVV and goodluck. By the way, my partner submitted our document personally to Ind, maybe that is why it just took us 5 weeks to wait for the result.

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